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What Does A Water Damage Restoration Company Do?

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It’s natural to want to get your home back as quickly as possible after a water emergency. However, you need to consider the long-term effects of flooding and water damage first. You don’t want to spend your home restoration efforts fixing something that may or may not be there in the long run. Ask yourself these questions before hiring a contractor:
Am I hiring a company with professional water damage restoration services?
Do they offer payment plans?
Does the company I’m hiring have experience and a track record of success?
Do they have proven methods for successfully cleaning up afterward?
If you can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions, then maybe you should look elsewhere. However, most companies will have some form of water restoration company. So, how do you know if the one you’re looking at is good? Here are some tips on how to find a reliable and affordable water damage restoration company near you.

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Do they have a proven system for cleaning up?

If the company doesn’t have a proven system for cleaning up, then they don’t have a long-term solution for fixing your water damage and or mold remediation. If, after hiring a company to come fix your water damage, you realize the problem was much greater than initial estimates revealed, you may wish to file a claim. However, most insurance companies won’t cover the full cost of fixing the water damage unless you have proven the water was the root cause of the damage. The cost of water removal, can range depending on the damage itself. Is there structural damage? Is there mold growth? What types of damage are there to the home? So there is a lot to consider in the water damage restoration process, and you want to make sure you have the right water damage restoration contractors and that your homeowners insurance policy will cover the damage.

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Do they provide a written estimate?

If the company doesn’t provide a written estimate, then they might not have a proven system for cleaning up. However, most contractors have written procedures in place to properly clean up a water damage problem. So, you can always expect a written estimate if the job isn’t complicated. Make sure to get a quote due to the fact that some additional services can really add up on an entire water damage restoration. Like covering personal property, and making any additional repairs that may be needed. This property loss could include contacting textile cleaning companies for area rugs, etc. There also might be additional specialty cleaning services, such as art restoration, etc.

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Are their rates listed in the range I can afford?

Some contractors will offer low rates, but they only do so because they’re underfinanced through equity or government contracts. If the rates are low but you’re unable to pay the full amount upfront, you might still want to consider hiring them. After all, contractors will always claim they are undercapitalized and cannot responsibly complete the work. However, don’t hire someone based on the low rate — always go with a price that reflects the contractor’s ability to complete the job to your satisfaction.

Do they show up on time, every time?

If the company doesn’t show up on time, then they probably don’t have a good track record of showing up. If they are on time, though, they have proven they can complete the work as scheduled. This is a huge sign, and you should give them the green light to start the job. All property owners have the same goal in mind, and that is a pre-loss condition. In other words, they want their home back to the way it was before the water damage restoration project.

Bottom line

Finally, ensure the contractor you’re hiring is trustworthy. This means not only are they dependable, but they also have proven track records of success. When hiring a water damage restoration company, ensure they are legitimate, and not a scam. Look for a company with a verified website, a good social media presence, and impressive credentials. These are all great indicators that a company is trustworthy. When hiring a water damage restoration company, consider the following tips:

Hire a company with proven water damage restoration services.

Ask about payment plans. Some contractors will offer payment plans, but ask if they have a method for paying the contractor in total, not just the agreed amount upfront.

Get an estimate of the job’s completion cost.

Don’t hire a contractor without talking to you first. Make sure you understand the process, what is involved, and what is expected of the contractor.

Otherwise, you can expect a reliable company with proven water damage restoration services to be at your beck and call to help with your water damage restoration.

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