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5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewGreat experience today with Eco-Green. Had some water damage and had a couple of people to come an evaluate if I need mold testing. Very happy with the experience because (1) he was the only contractor who went into the attic (not easy with my old house) to look and (2) actually advised against giving him $.

~ Rod Rohde

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewHe was awesome. He was straightforward and affordable. I appreciated his time he put into doing my floors. He cleaned all my tile in my bathrooms and kitchen and all the carpet in the house and deodorized it, and stretched/repaired the carpets making them smell wonderful and look stunning! Thanks for the great service!

~ Steph Wie

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewI am very please with this company and recommend them. They were on time very pleasant and professional. Got my carpet stretched and shampoo in 2.5 hrs and it looks brand new. And I think far on there price.

~ Doris Soto

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewFive stars for this Goodyear family owned business. I had my carpets and wool rugs cleaned. Very impressed with the customer service – from the phone call to how they respected our home. Top notch company with excellent rates. Upfront with no “extra” charges. My carpets looked brand new.

~ Shelly Buckholz

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewThey did an amazing job from booking and appointment to the quality amazing job they did. My floor tiles look brand new again. They are very nice and respectful. I highly recommend this company.

~ Terri Lanzarotta-Graham

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewHighly recommend if you need to bring an area rug back to life! We have a very large area rug that was stained from our cat and dog’s & I was thinking of throwing out, but Eco-Green did a great job of getting it back to original color and smelling great!!! They also cleaned the tile and did a great job. I will definitely use this company again.

~ Tiffany Holz

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewGreat experience! Love to support local family business. Green products and excellent service. I’ll use them again!

~ Jason Kish

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewHad them come out to fix carpet that the dog chewed. Repair was fast and pricing was a little better than others I found online. I can barely tell there was any damage after they fixed it. I highly recommend Eco Green.

~ Brent Tyson

5 stars reviewsgoogle reviewI found Eco Green via the internet based on the best carpet cleaning places near me. Eco Greens customer service is excellent. He was very friendly on the phone. My carpet needed to be cleaned due to my dog urinating on it. They were able to clean my carpet the same morning that it got peed on. I felt comfortable while Eco Green was in my house. My carpet looked and smelled clean after it was serviced. So naturally when my dog peed on the carpet a second time, I called Eco Green again. Eco Green had the same friendly customer service and reliability as the first time.

~ Shantovia Hall

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