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Your Carpet isn’t Drying After Cleaning?

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There are a lot of reasons why your carpet may not be drying after cleaning.

You can prevent most of them by following these steps:

  • The carpet cleaner may have used to much water when trying to clean the carpets. So the drying process will be longer.
  • Use of excess shampoo and Remove soils from the carpet fibers but can also attract dirt to have the carpets cleaned more often.
  • During a steam cleaning air circulation needs to be high to help eliminate excess moisture from the hot water extraction process.
  • Use a overhead fan to help speed the drying time on your carpet cleaning.
  • When you first get your carpets cleaned with a hot water extraction method, dry passes need to be performed by the cleaner.
  • Keeping your home’s air conditioner on high will help damp carpets dry faster as a air conditioner will help in the removal of moisture and speed drying time.


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How to Fix a Wet Carpet

There are a few things you can do once you discover why your carpet isn’t drying after cleaning. The most important one is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. These companies are specially trained to get your carpets clean with a cleaning process.

If your carpet still has a damp feel, you should also consider a blow-drying process by adding fans to the room to not get that musty smell after your carpet cleaning.



Air Conditioning

If your carpet isn’t drying properly and you live in an humid environment, an air conditioning unit may be able to help. This is because these units are made to remove excess moisture in a room. Also use an indoor fan to blow air into your room where you’re cleaning. This will help your carpet dry faster and help your moisture level drop. Even a simple ceiling fan can help speed the process dry time up.

Smelly carpet after a professional carpet cleaning services has been to your home, does not have to be a issue. By following these steps you should be fine.

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Using Fans To Dry Carpet

If your carpet is still damp after using the above methods, the only thing left to do is to use an ceiling fan. After that, you should obviously test your carpet for moisture content again to make sure it’s properly dry. Excess water is not as big as it was years ago. Today, most professional cleaners know the value on getting the carpets dry fast. Or even try a dehumidifier.



Your carpet will look great after a cleaning and should be cleaned on a yearly basses to help keep that fresh look. Some carpet after cleaning can show sign of wrinkles. that is just the carpet loosening up a little and any pro could re-stretch the carpet for you. Most professional carpet cleaner will bring fans with them to help speed the dry time up as they clean.

Almost any carpet manufacturer will tell you that regular vacuuming and frequent carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain the maximum life for any carpet.